Total Educators At Home2,517,598
Elementary Teachers840,232
Middle/Junior High Teachers165,154
Senior High Teachers894,941
Classroom Teachers, Grades K-8865,460
Lead Teachers, Grades K-66,458
Assistant Principals51,332
Department Chairpersons26,609
Librarians/Media Specialists53,594
Technology Coordinators48,001
Guidance Personnel63,830
English & Reading Teachers194,898
Fine Arts Teachers86,058
Foreign Language Teachers52,753
Mathematics Teachers163,117
Multidisciplinary Teachers33,184
Practical Arts Teachers43,945
Science Teachers163,110
Social Studies Teachers134,164
Vo-tech Teachers43,112
At-Risk Teachers16,714
Special Needs Teachers253,760
Coaches & Physical Education104,308

Source:Compiled lists
Geography:Domestic (US)
List Maintenance:Updated annually, daily verification

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